Busy, Busy, Busy!

Here at Archaeology Web, our attention has been drawn to the issues of being a workaholic. Jokes aside, workaholicism can be unhealthy, and unreasonably stressful. So, what do you do if you are a workaholic? Today, we are going to provide you with a few simple tips to stop working so much.

1. Many workaholics say that working helps them to relax, and spend time. Try to develop a hobby to keep you distracted and interested in something other than work.

2. Stay optimistic. When you find yourself over-working, tell yourself that you do NOT need to do any work at the moment. What you really need is to stop working. Positive reinforcement has been proven to be effective in the majority of participants.

3. Try PMR (progressive muscle relaxation.) This relaxation technique is suggested by many, since it relaxes both your mind and body. PMR is when you tighten your muscles then relax and work your way down your body. It doesn’t work for all, but for most.

Last but not least, take a break! You definitely deserve it. Best wishes!


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