How to Straighten Out Your Life

Grabs the keys! Don’t forget to e-mail your boss! You have to turn in your report today! Take a deep breath. At this time of year, it seems to be frantic, and going by so quickly. So with the panic of autumn, today we are going to give you a few tips to help you pull your life together.

Our first tip is to create a daily plan, and of course you’ve heard before to plan your day, but this is a little bit different. Our version of a daily plan calls for you to create two catergories, one for school/work, and one for home. In each of these catergories, create a list of everything you need to accomplish today. This will let you observe what you need to get done, but it will also put your work-load into perspective. Next, create a column beside each category, when you complete each task, put a check in the column beside your categories. If you want, you can even add beside each task, what time you would like to be finished with each task.

At the end of the day, you can analyze what you have gotten done that day, and create what we call the accomplishment ratio. Count how many tasks you were supposed to complete, and the amount of tasks you did complete. After a few days of creating daily plans, your accomplishment ratio numbers should be equal.

Our second tip, which is to take a long walk. How will this help you ask? Well by taking a long walk, you will be able to slow down, breathe at a steady pace, get your blood flowing, and relax. Plus, a lot of successful people have written about the power of a walk, how it can motivate you to get going, and how it can let you analyze what is actually happening, after all, 2016 is almost over!

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